Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Residences:

Dear Residences:

Due to the lack of responsibility of some people in the building while enjoying the ROOF TOP by having parties all night long, not mentioning the big mess, noise, drunken people in hallway situation. but also disturbing the peace of other tenants & other people of the block.

Therefore, we’re left with no choice other then to banned all parties inside the building & on the roof top.(especially this holiday weekend) at all.

If the message won’t be clear enough, we will have to lock the roof top all times!!

The Management
Landmark Developers USA, LLC

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oy Vey! or "It wasn't my little dog"

To all residents @132 North 5th St.

Due to the lack of responsibility of some residence, we are forced to take the following action.

As of TODAY no dogs or pets are allowed on the roof deck at any time.

We ask ALL of YOU: To maintain the roof top at all timesKeep the noise level down (no running, jumping, dancing... people live below)Take your trash with you (trash cans are for lite stuff, not for parties)Let us know if anyone mistreating the roof top (doing any of the above)Fines will be applied.

(Copy of previous notice)

Public Notice to All Roof Deck Users!!!

Do to the many complaints from tenants on the 4th floor that some people using the roof are inconsiderate and would run or jump on the roof or over the fence (that’s off limits from the public use to do their personal needs) in all hours of the day/night not considering that people live below and by their action they are disturbing their privacy or waking them up in any hour, therefore! This is the last warning that if this continues we will have no other choice than restrict the use of the roof deck to the hours that we feel fit.

Again! Don’t take it for likely, have respect for your neighbors…
Also be advised that the cans on the roof are for light trash only, not for dog poop, or party bottles, etc.

The Management