Friday, May 30, 2008

The jury is already out!

This morning , on my way out to work I noticed commentary on all three of the little tear flyers that were hung in order to get people to go to this blog. All three seem to be either endorsing or condemning this blog.

They read ; “This blog sucks ass”, “This blog kicks ass (what are you talking about?)” and my favorite “Poop in my pants”.

I’m not quite sure what the last one is getting at.


Anonymous said...

This blog does suck ass! Who doesn't love getting a little ass suck once in a while? Ass suckers make better lovers.

But, I'm sorry someone thinks this blog kicks ass. No one likes those ass kicking frat boys.

Ass suckers rule. Ass kickers stink. (To be honest, ass suckers do stink a little but in a diffrent way...)

Poop in my pants? Poop in your pants.


Anonymous said...

Well there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I guess that's the bad part about blogs. It's easy to be an idiot when no one can see your face.

Mattan said...

"I guess that's the bad part about blogs. It's easy to be an idiot when no one can see your face."

Funny how that was posted anonymously.

Ariana said...

Hey everyone, my amazing, smart, wonderful, responsible friend is looking for a place to live. Does anybody have or know of an opening the building?

If you have a room, please let me know so I can pass on the good news.

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Tagging in the building or anywhere, I thought people grew out of that by the age of 16...I am alot older then 16, is it still cool to write your name and date on a wall? What is the purpose, please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

cmon man grow down.

Anonymous said...

We have a temporary opening in 4F for part of the summer. Tell your roommate to knock on our door.

e said...

ahh too bad. i just had TWO rooms available in 4i. if only we had had this blog a week sooner...

Anonymous said...

2B is open july 1st. Talk to abe!