Sunday, August 31, 2008

This in the mailbox from pissed off anonymous poster…..

(A note from the moderator: This was in the blog mailbox this afternoon with attached photos. I will post anything anyone wants.)

Who the fuck had the party on the roof Saturday Night and didn't clean up. It must be these new overly entitled trust fund pseudo hipster children they are letting move into the building. Are they fucking brain dead or what? Don’t they know mommy or their servant is not going to clean up after them? Seriously let’s find out who threw the party and throw all the trash in front of their door. I hate going on the roof when it’s trashed like that. Let’s build a pen where the people who like to sit in their own filth can hang out. As for the rest of us a little respect please.


mihir kelkar said...

with less than the normally due respect, i don't appreciate this post whatsoever. i respect this blog quite some much and thank doug for moderating it and such, but such remarks and assumptions cannot go unspoken about. apparently no one has the patience to wait a few hours for the cleanup to get taken care of. hopefully whomever made these remarks about the "overly entitled trust fund" guys we obviously fashion ourselves as clearly needs to go up to the roof and get a gander of what it looks like right now.

i personally picked up every single cigarette butt up there. i'm sorry its such an inconvenience to have bagged every bottle and can, swept every cigarette, and even dumped out the firepit a few hours too late.

i'm sorry but you'll have to wait till next time to even try to come to our door and throw shit in our face, because the garbage, like these comments is where it belongs:

in the fucking trash.

- mihir kelkar

Brendan Gilmartin said...

wow i don't appreciate baseless character assassinations; especially those directed at me and my roommates. That pretentious diatribe was completely uncalled for. I'm shocked and really dislike the negativity spewed in that blog post. I really thought this blog was a way for the residents of 132 to have an open dialogue about issues and conflicts that arise. This post sounds more like a declaration of war than anything else.

And if you could've waited a few hours, which you obviously didn't, you would see that we cleaned the roof completely. It is in fact cleaner than before the party.

I also realize that we of apt. 2b are probably the youngest residents of 132. I personally was afraid that many residents might feel animosity towards us apparently because of our age alone and sadly this post confirms that suspicion.

We are students that attend various universities in manhattan and moved to new york from wherever we were from to learn and grow, and yes have a good time. If you can not find shared purpose in these values than maybe its time you moved to westchester.

---Brendan (2B)

Nick said...

I admit that this morning the roof did look like a tsunami of trash had washed over it.

But I just went to the roof... and OMG I have never seen it so clean in my entire life. Honestly, if you are a resident here, you should go up and look how clean the roof it.

We may never see it this clean again until those angels in 2B have another party. Which hopefully will be soon.

Nick (4I)

From Westchester said...

They don’t learn, grow or have fun in Westchester? And you accuse others of character assignation.

Brendan Gilmartin said...

lol. i think the idea i was trying to get across was that new york city is the ultimate melting pot of culture. it was not so much a dig at westchester but a dig at suburbs in general from which i am also from. there are many brilliant people who live, work and are from westchester. My comment was not directed at them. All apologies :)

666 said...

Brendan –
Your “Shared Values” require some scrutiny.
Why does the expression of your “shared values” have to result in me being woken up at three in the morning because people from your party completely disregarded the obvious fence boundary on the roof? That fence is not ambiguous and was put there because when people walk and or run on the larger part of the roof it sounds like a freight train in apartment below. This does not include the falling ceiling pieces and so on.
Also, in your “value system “is there any place for common courtesy? As an example there was no warning to anyone that you were having such a large party in our shared common space. With that much noise and disruption do you think you might have let us know or do you not care at all what your neighbors think or the type of impact you might have on them?
Also – this waiting a”Few” hours is a bit inaccurate. I went up to the roof between 6:30 to 7:00 PM the following day and it was still trashed. This rendered the roof useless for any decent entertaining for the entire day and I might point out this is a big BBQ weekend. Also, If you wanted to catch some sun you were doing it in your trash. Why can’t your “value system” have the basic “leave it as you found it” when you leave it foundation. Or do you just get to do what you want when you decide is best?
And Nick your sycophantic response is simply not true – the roof has been a hell of a lot cleaner than it is now - OMG!
No one feels animosity because of your age alone. What an arrogant thing to say. People have animosity because you are pissing them off with your immaturity and disrespect. I do agree with you that you need to grow - you need to grow up. It’s nice and all that you are in college etc. -However, this is not a dorm and a lot of us long term tenants did not rent our place with dormitory standards as part of the deal. It’s something that you are bringing into the situation and you didn’t even bother to ask if anyone else wanted it.

This was posted on August 26 by another tenant struggling with your “shared values”

“Anonymous said...
Rhetorical I'm afraid... Seems our slumlord has taken to giving leases to any number of spoiled hipster brats. Consider yourself warned. If I happen to see anyone's drunken guests loitering in our hallways, I'll call the cops on your loser asses. No matter what time of the day/night. Keep your guests in line and within the confines of your apts, and I have no problem. Anyone fucking with our building is now fair game.

Unfortunately you can’t win this one. A simple call to the cops and any of your future party’s are done. And based on your “value system” I will most certainly not hesitate to call at 10:00 PM on the dot. I would never have considered such a thing until I read your post.

mihir kelkar said...
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mihir kelkar said...


i appreciate the time you've taken to go into detail about what was wrong about the execution of things in terms of our building and in respect to our neighbors. in case anyone was wondering, the party turned out really well, and it was good to see a few people from the building show up and join to have a good time. as for the rest whom were disturbed during (and understandably after) this party, we'll be keen to make sure no inter-building problems arise as a result of our get-togethers.

now if you could please stop calling us names, that would be absolutely splendid.

- mihir

cody said...

Guys this just in.... my meeting was confirmed today in regards to pitching a 132 N 5th Reality TV Show to air on MTV!!!