Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In regards to the roof

First off, I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to handle all that the 132n5thst blog has become, and boy has it become (a place for tenants to argue). I was sitting on the roof today and thinking about the issues regarding the cleanliness of the roof. In the past I have contemplated cleaning up, just for the sake of cleaning, but for some reason, I felt as though getting spotted on the roof, cleaning up, would somehow make me look like the bad guy who caused the mess in the first place. But as I thought about it, I remembered that there have been numerous occasions where people with no association to our building would be on the roof, adding to the mess, and because of that, it was likely that the blame would go round and round and round. So I decided to clean up the mess, cigarette butts and all, though not perfect, because while I may have not been the culprit, I do not want to lose the privilege of going on the roof, cause damn it is one hell of a roof, and I love hanging out up there. Based on all of the other blog entries, it seems as though there is a lot of false, and blind blame being thrown around, that has resulted in some silly arguments that ultimately lead nowhere. Personally, I would prefer if everyone would take care of the roof and clean up after themselves, but as we have seen that is not going to happen, so my own personal solution was to clean up, and not make a big deal out of it. Reminds me of a story, I once was out to dinner with an old girlfriend of mine and ordered something that she thought was terribly unappealing. I remember her saying, "that looks disgusting, how could you eat that", to which I replied, "just because you think it looks gross, doesn't mean I will like it any less". This is sort of how I feel about cleaning, there are some that like to keep things neat and organized, and there are others who could care less, so for us that prefer cleanliness, we can try to keep things clean, not worry about it, or continue to get upset and complain. Personally, I would prefer to do what I feel is right, given the situation, and not get upset that someone else does not agree with my beliefs. I am not going to deny that there are plenty of arguments to what I am saying (well if you keep cleaning up, than others will keep thinking they can openly trash the roof, etc, etc), but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. I can't really say why I am writing this letter because I would prefer to be kept anonymous, but I wanted to mention why things were cleaner than usual up there.
Thanks again for controlling the blog.

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Doug 4G said...

Hey thanks for cleaning the roof. It looks really great.

I did a few times over the last couple of years and I know how you feel. I was debating whether I was going to do it again this year as I felt nobody really cared or maybe I was just being too uptight about the maggots and the like.

But now I am inspired to keep it nice.

Also, I never planned on this blog being just about complaining. I will post anything that comes in and so far this is all I have been getting.

At the very least I hope it is vehicle for people on both sides of all the issues to vent their frustration, see through the aggression, and consider all points that might differ from their own.

Everyone I meet in this building is usually pretty cool.

So this blog is still open for anything – people looking for sub letters, openings, events, etc.

Thanks Again,
Doug 4G