Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pratty has fallen into depression because he has been falsely accused of late night pooping on the roof -

Hi Douglas:

It came to our attention that your walking your dog in middle the night 1:00 AM on the roof.
1) Please understand that people live below and sleep at that time of night and being awaken by the dog running on the roof.

2) It's not sanitary putting the remains of the dog in the cans on the roof having the supper carry it down smelling the odor.Therefore, its our suggestion if you want to walk the dog, please walk it on the street rather on the roof .

We really appreciate your your cooperation.

Best Regards,
The Management
Landmark Developers USA, LLC


Anonymous said...

Bad grammar and a false accusation.
Free Pratt!

Anonymous said...

poor pratty. what aholes go complain about the noise his little paws makes n the rooftop. haters.

Ward to Pratty said...

He was falsely accused. His little paws never made that noise. Thuss the depression.