Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello, I am an asshole !


132n5er said...

Oh shit, we are in Curbed:

Anonymous said...

Gothamist too:

Anonymous said...

Hey dude -

I completely agree with you about the assholery of that person, and I live in the our building.

That said - publicizing a messy roof on Gothamist and Curbed is a really, stupid way to get the roof shut down. I'm with you about cleanliness, but the mgmt essentially lets the roof stay open by turning a blind eye, and this might be too in their face for them.

Anonymous said...

dearest anonymous idiot,

did it ever occur to you that there was more than 1 party on the roof that evening? did you ever imagine that more than one apartment had people over? my roomate (the one who scribbled his thoughts onto this stupid note), only had ~5 friends over that night. meanwhile, other residents had the other 70-80 people that were on the roof. so when he says he cleaned up most of it (and he did), dont assume he is the sole responsible person. there is no doubt that he did more than his share of cleaning.

and as for the person who created this note, cut the passive aggressive shit. even though you're trying to stimulate the residents into keeping the roof in better shape, all you're doing is making anyone who is seen cleaning look like the guilty 'asshole'. you'd be better off leaving a nice note on everyones door trying to arrange a communal cleaning session, or trying to get some money to buy ash buckets, garbage bags, and a big broom to make it easier to clean after future gatherings.

Mr. Passive Aggressive said...

You must be new to the building or you are a simpleton much like your roommate who wrote on that note. If you actually read it no one was accusing anyone of anything. It simply points out that if you do these types of things you are an asshole. Obviously, a guilty conscience responded.

Now then, every year we have to go through this ritual usually because a new batch of recently moved in entitled brats try to justify their selfish, slovenly, disrespectful behavior.

You are NOT better off leaving a “nice note” – they simply don’t work. There has been one posted by the roof door for quite some time – summarily ignored. There was one posted by the door that night. Did you read it?

Not even the landlord specifically forbidding any parties on the roof (including your 5 friend gathering) because of the garbage situation, using shutting the roof down as a threat, stops people from doing it. In essence, you ignored that warning as well making you somewhat of an inconsiderate asshole for not caring that the roof might be shut down for the rest of us.

Communal cleanings have been tried- no one shows up.

Ash buckets and garbage cans NEVER get emptied ultimately overflow and become the most acute part of the problem.

Your utopian suggestions are very cute at best. However, these are the naïve kinds of ideas people come up with in college when everything is being done for them.

The only thing that could realistically work is if you after you bring it onto the roof you take it off when you leave, as any normal decent person would do without having to be told. Obviously, in many regards, we don’t have 100% occupancy with normal decent types living in this building. A lot of people in this building have demonstrated that they have no problem wallowing in filth. There is nothing wrong with wallowing in filth in the privacy of your own space. The critical distinction with the roof is that it is a shared public space. If you force people to wallow in your left behind filth you are, by definition, an inconsiderate asshole.

Consequently, you need to let them know in no uncertain terms that they are, in fact, assholes. Otherwise they have no other way of knowing. The author of that note is actually doing them a favor because the sooner they find out that they are assholes the sooner they can start working on correcting that. The people genuinely desiring to be an asshole are the exception of course.

BTW “cut the passive aggressive shit” is an extremely passive aggressive thing to post. If I were you I would be careful about your superior tone unless you enjoy being a complete hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Hipster scumbags