Saturday, May 16, 2009

About the Friday Night Roof Party -

As a direct result of this party, emerging from all the people in our hallway at about 2 AM we heard someone trying to open our door. They were trying the door handle incessantly and we thought it was the normal confused drunk person who often wanders the halls at these affairs. I was already up because the party was extremely loud and with the people running around on the roof there was little bits of our ceiling paint falling. When we looked through the peep hole we saw three men one of which was winding up to kick our door down. His first kick against our door was hard enough to knock items off our wall. This was literally happening as we watched through our peephole. They were actually trying to kick our door down to get into our apartment. For real. Luckily the police were quick to come because they had already been called to the building several times because of this party. So I want to offer my appropriate gratitude to whoever threw that party last night.


Hipster Lawyer said...

When I came home on Friday night, someone had wedged the front door open with a rock. I kicked the rock out. A few minutes later I went back out, the door was wedged open again and a bunch of underaged kids were standing in the entryway, inviting people in off the street to drink on the roof.

Although Apt. 2B is partly to blame for Friday night, the building and the roof are unsecured and have become a magnet for nonresidents to party on. Nobody is stopping them from getting onto the roof. This is a huge problem. When uninvited-nonresidents come to drink on our roof, they have no accountability and commit crimes from small to large (litter, vandalism, break-ins, burglary, and assaults have all happened; will rape be next? murder?).

I'm going to request the roof door be locked for a month or two. This is no longer a sanitation issue but a safety issue. I want to have a party up there also, but at this point I can't have one anyway. Not only is the roof trashed, but there is so much uninvited trash on the roof every weekend that I can't ensure that my guests won't be assaulted.

Not happy about this said...

If they lock to roof I want a rent reduction. It's one of the reasons I took the place.

Anonymous said...

The landlords have to do something about the security in the building and not allow 200 kids off the street on the roof , in the building and run fucking wild and break shit and try to break into apartments. Thats about how many kids were on the roof Friday night and I am sure they were not all from 2B but friends of friends and the outside door being wedged open.

Anonymous said...

I understand the concerns with the roof, and maybe locking it is the answer, but, I recently invested a large chunk of my income, as I am unemployed I have very little, to starting a garden on the roof, I have tomatoes, cucumber, and a variety of herbs of there, that need to be watered every day. So I hope we can find another way because I would be pretty bummed if all of my stuff went to waste.

Anonymous said...

I think they should kick those little boys in 2b out. When I came home there were hundreds of naked teenagers running through the building. And about an hour later, when I couldn't get any sleep, I'm proud to say I called the motherfucking cops on their ass. Having a party for your guests is one thing, but inviting strangers in off the street is quite another; and unacceptable at that. I'm so sick of this. We have a nice roof, huge. And I too would love to grow herbs up there - but won't knowing that kids will piss in my pots, and although pee is sterile, you won't find me drinking it. So for the little boys in 2b - go somewhere else with your naked teenage friends - sex offenders have to register and you can check out where they live on the Internet - so maybe you should go live in a building with them - I'm sure they won't mind the naked under-agers. As for that, have some fucking respect for your neighbors. Your bullshit has gone too far.

Anonymous said...

it's very easy to be passive-aggressive when doing an anonymous internet comment - how about you have the maturity to approach 2B - and "hundreds" talk about exaggeration!

Responding to moron said...

Holy shit!
Approach 2B?! Approach 2B?!
You fucking moron we were begging 2B to cool their jets.
And you are right "hundreds" is an exaggeration that roof party was between 150 to 175 people.

Anonymous said...

Followed the link to your site via

Read the postings and comments and am left with my mouth hanging open in stupefaction.

How can you people allow this shit to go on?

Are there no men living in this building? Or are you all living in fear of the culprits in 2B?

The funniest part, of course, is the amount of money you pathetic losers pay each month for the privilege of living in a cartoon frat house.

You all should move back to your parents' homes in Ohio. You'll be much happier.