Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our building has been tagged! We live in the turf of a Southside gang!

Good news! Our building has been tagged! We live in the turf of a Southside gang!

When I asked the guy tagging our building about it on Saturday night, he and his buddies beat the snot out of me in the middle of Bedford (sorry if we woke you with all those police cars and the ambulance).

I've always wanted to be the victim of gang violence and now I have fifteen staples in my head to prove that I was! Too bad they didn't use their machetes--that would have been so rad. But not to worry, the Williamsburg machete season will be in full swing soon enough.

More good news: Since our landlords aren't doing anything about the graffiti on the building; Cyn Lounge caters to a young, urban clientele; and the police are totally unable to catch these guys; you might be lucky enough to be the victim of *our* gang! It's so fucking easy! You don't even need to look for them--they'll find you (after all, we do live in *their* turf).

If you want to be the victim of a gang assault, just do what I did: walk down N.5th towards our door. It's just that simple!

See you at Woodhull and good luck with rent negotiations!


Anonymous said...

thats awful, hope you are doing well... Where is the tag?

Anonymous said...

This specific tag is on the column between the Internet Garage and Kill Shop Kill in yellow paint.

I'm more sensitive to it, but I've been noticing a lot more gang graffiti in the last few days. I don't remember it being there a couple months ago. It's not the hipster/wannabe graffiti but the real stuff. It's on the walls of the buildings across the street, it's on our building, it's on the walls near the subway, on the metal doors that cover business windows. It's everywhere. It seems like nothing is being done about it.

I really don't care about the graffitt so much anymore but what it represents. After seeing so much of it and reading the police blotters from the last month (a rash of unsloved, unprovoved violent crimes), I feel like we are at the edge of a steep drop and that this summer will see some pretty rough stuff in our neighborhood--probably culminating with a murder before the cops (or us) take it seriously. I really hope I'm wrong.