Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This in - not happy with this blog's dialog

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "This in from an Anonymous source & please don’t sh...":

Honestly, this is the wrong way to continue this dialog. There should be a message board where anyone can post their comments, not just respond to certain viewpoints posted by the "moderator." I disagree with about half of the stuff on here, but no debate really occurs, because it all just gets lost in the comments.

My overall opinion, though, is that people need to calm down. It's very, very easy to get riled up when you think people are getting in your space...but then, I would bet a million dollars that a good percentage of you posting actually spend very, very little time on the roof. For the past several years, the building has functioned just fine and the place hasn't burned down, and I think it will continue to do so long after most of us move out.

And whoever called the cops on this Cody guy instead of actually going up there and asking him to turn down music IS a pussy.


Here for now. said...

Once again. Probably for the third time, I will post anything anyone wants. "The Moderator"?

Anonymous said...

New Message Board

mihir kelkar said...

okay i'm not sure how active this is right now, but here goes:

my buddies and i had a party on the fourth and stayed mostly on the other side of the roof, but cleaned everything up there. the next morning, one of my roommates even rounded up all of everyone else's trash so whomever had his/her party would have an easier time.

its been six days since the fourth and the trash thats on the roof still hasn't been taken care of. time after time, we've tried to cut the bullshit that transpires here with people commenting on this blog by cleaning up whatever it is that no one seems to want to take care of, but as of five minutes ago, we found that there is a shit ton of maggots roaming around the roof.

its as disgusting as it sounds. but what can be done about this? who knows,

i just thought i'd let the rest of you know.

tyler said...

as fun as it would be if we could submit our own stuff, it doesn't seem to me as though "the moderator" is asserting any of his viewpoints at all.

actually, i'm quite sure everything he posts is whats been sent to him by other people.

Anonymous said...

Well Doug and I will be cleaning the roof again tonight(thurs) around 7:pm if anyone wants to help,

Anonymous said...

further to my post I am not sure whos trash we are cleaning up again but rather clean it then sit up there in swill.

Not on fire yet .... said...

Well - I have to say that if your standard of a building functioning well is that it has not burned down yet that explains quite a bit.
That explains why maggots don’t bother you.
That explains why heaps of trash does not bother you.
That explains why the graffiti and vandalism does not bother you.
And so on.
Why? , Because the building has not burned down.
The building has functioned so well that they closed off most of the roof before this blog was even around. The building is function so well the police are being called to shut down parties. The building is function so well the landlord sent out a letter asking that no guests come on the 4th of July. Etc.
Also – about calling a person or people a “pussy”. How much courage do you have if you call someone a “pussy” anonymously?

Anonymous said...

I used to spend a lot of time on the roof but don't anymore because it's so depressing/disappointing to up there anymore.

9 times out of 10, the roof is a mess. In the past, it didn't seem as bad because the whole roof was open. If it was messy in one area, you could simply migrate to another part of the roof but that's just not possible anymore now that the larger part of it has been closed off.

I think the problem is that people are retaining the same old habits without realizing that a smaller space can make it too close for comfort for all of us now.