Monday, June 30, 2008

This in from an Anonymous source & please don’t shoot the messenger I.E. – Seriously, I’m just the moderator of this blog I did not post this.

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last night, somebody (i'm assuming either a tenent or their guest) decided it would be fun to trash the bedford ave stairwell). they took a hockey stick to the Chabad's paintings and destroyed the verb cafe's food delivery.

As a result of this latest act of vandalism (one of many in recent months. i.e. graffiti in the halls, trash on the roof and stairwell, etc.) I will be calling the cops if too many random people (say more than 100) end up on the roof on July 4)

Posted by Anonymous to 132 N 5 at June 30, 2008 4:08 PM


Anonymous said...

What good is that going to do?

Cody said...

Sweet I guess I am not going to bring my turntables up there. Im sure that will make a bunch of people happy in this building.

I just got back from court today for the ridiculous summons i got last time april 20th (when one of the friendly neighbors) called the cops at 11 or so instead of being an adult and asking to turn the music down or off.

I just want to say thank you. I now have to take off work again, go to court again and may have 2 misdemeanors might be on my clean record. Im sure that makes you smile you coward.

There should be cameras in the stairways anyways for everyones safety.

Also that happened before last night. I seen the hockey stick sunday afternoon. I also seen the verb cafes coffee pouring out one of their garbage bags ALL over the garbage room before the hockey stick was there.

Those doors are left unlocked friday till saturday or sunday FYI.

Thanks again to the pussy who could ask me to turn the music down. =)

Anonymous said...

Just look at the photo header on the "4th of July 2008" post (i'm assuming it was taken at last year's "party".) Do we really want 400 random people hanging out on our roof this Friday? Unless you pay rent in this building (and this rent ain't cheap), or actually know someone that does, you have no business on our roof this Friday. This isn't a Frat house.

Anonymous said...

Well I do pay rent in the building, and if I want to have 50 people over there should be no issue with that. If I want to have 100 people over it shouldn't be an issue. They might be random people to you, but they'll be people;s friends. Just let it go and have a good time.

Anonymous said...

nice one. way be considerate of your neighbors. i'm assuming mom and dad pay your rent if you have that little regard for the building. 50 people x 35 units = 1750 "guests" and a collapsed roof. happy 4th of july!

Anonymous said...

I was just making a point. Why mess with people?

commissioner gordon said...

lets put together a neighborhood watch

that tells time

Anonymous said...

There is a lot to respond too.

The fourth of July party is a fantastic happening and I am really looking forward to that event, Cody’s turntables and all. This party truly is an incredible force of nature bordering on becoming a really cool Williamsburg tradition. It’s going to be big so you might as well call the cops now. I don’t think anyone can stop it and personally I don’t want anyone to try. For the fourth of July I think the best we can do is – the best we can do.

That being said, concerning the vandalism, and trash on the roof etc. - Sunday, when the most recent “incident” took place someone was moving out of the building and the front door was propped open for most of the day heading into the evening. Combine this with the possibility that the Bedford entrance to this building is potentially unlocked “Friday till Saturday or Sunday” anyone at anytime could have come into the building. So I would not make the assumption that it was either a “tenent (sic) or their guest”.

Speaking to that point I was on the roof last week and there were three people very comfortably hanging out on one of the tables. After meeting and speaking with them it turns out that none of them live in the building nor were they with anyone in the building. They were very nice very cool people, but they simply didn’t live here and they were hanging out on the roof very comfortably like they lived here. No problem at all.

Also, about two weeks ago I was hanging out on the roof with four people from the building, some of which I just met, when a neighbor from another building on the street came charging onto the roof aggressively confronting one of us. The man was from the building next door and claimed that the person he was confronting was inappropriately disrespectful to him and his party goers who were on their roof at the same time. (I am paraphrasing because his vernacular was not that articulate) My point being he had absolutely no problem getting into this building pretty much on demand and he was not from this building. After speaking with the guy from the next door building he expressed his anger and frustration with this building (132 N 5) stating he was tired of the noise and the people throwing garbage on his roof from ours and so on.

My point in all of this is before we in this building start getting into each other s grille maybe a little more clarity about what is actually happening could be sought.

Things we know:

• Perfect strangers and or non renters have no problem getting into this building and quite frequently many do.

• This building and or our roof are known to a lot of people who do not pay rent here and have no problem using it with no regard for the actual tenants. I am pretty certain they often leave their trash up on the roof or in the building in addition to tagging the building and or vandalizing our hallways when they visit.

• There are other people who do not live in this building who are our neighbors that, for whatever reason, basically hate us.

So before we start pointing fingers at each other about who is doing what, garbage, noise, calling the police etc. I submit that it is a good idea to try not and make too many assumptions. If these incidents are occurring from tenants within the building and or their guest s this is a different problem than non tenant perpetrators.

One last thing –

“Well I do pay rent in the building, and if I want to have 50 people over there should be no issue with that. If I want to have 100 people over it shouldn't be an issue.”

Actually this only true if the presence of your 50 to 100 people do not violate the other tenants “right of quiet enjoyment” which is in fact in your lease and is NYC tenant law, which they very well might not.

Anyway, I am genuinely looking forward to a good 4th of July party it would be a shame if something other than the weather stopped this event.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid to say 400 + people on the roof do violate my tenant “right of quiet enjoyment”. i think a 4th of july party's a great idea, but that we should put a limit on the number of people allowed on the roof that evening. just my humble 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Are You Raising a Douchebag?

Your indulgent parenting is spawning a generation of entitled hipster brats.

william wallace said...

Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

William Wallace's Army said...


Anonymous said...

So let's all get naked on the roof for the 4th. Any takers?

From Russia? said...

Fuck Yeah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they didnt say we couldnt get naked in the notice, woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this is the wrong way to continue this dialog. There should be a message board where anyone can post their comments, not just respond to certain viewpoints posted by the "moderator." I disagree with about half of the stuff on here, but no debate really occurs, because it all just gets lost in the comments.

My overall opinion, though, is that people need to calm down. It's very, very easy to get riled up when you think people are getting in your space...but then, I would bet a million dollars that a good percentage of you posting actually spend very, very little time on the roof. For the past several years, the building has functioned just fine and the place hasn't burned down, and I think it will continue to do so long after most of us move out.

And whoever called the cops on this Cody guy instead of actually going up there and asking him to turn down music IS a pussy.