Thursday, June 5, 2008

This just in:

Posted by Cody to 132 N 5 at June 5, 2008 10:45 AM

Well if the roof gets shut down you can thank who ever had the party last weekend. I talked to Moses yesterday and he was upset about the new garbage on the wall next to the chabad house and the noise and mess on the roof. He was saying he is going to shut the roof down.

Hopefully this isn't true...


Anonymous said...

we need trash cans on the roof. i took a trash bag up there a week ago when i grilled out. it wasn't full so i left it up there for people to use. by the end of that party it was over flowing.

we should ask moses to put two trash cans up on the roof on either ends so have a place to throw our shit.


Anonymous said...

they did have them up there but the problem is no one empties them so they just over flow and sit there forever, everyone has to take there garbage with them off the roof.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is that when you create trash on the roof you are supposed to deal with it. That means take it down when you are done.

mihir kelkar said...

after reading about the roof being a mess thanks to the party this past weekend, i thought i'd go up there and really investigate the situation.

the trash bag looked like an incessant flow of shit and beer and more shit. picking this up and bringing it down was a sort of bitch because about half the bag was char and sludge. in addition to having trash cans up there, we definitely need an appropriate receptacle for the stuff that comes out of grills and the fire pit so people know not to inconveniently mix that along with everything. we needed to get a box to harness the bag so it wouldn't poop all over us.

so the trash has been taken care of.

as far as the graffiti on the second floor goes, i cannot accept responsibility for that as i don't know who did it, whether they were a part of the party or not, but i am willing to clean it/paint over it if thats the case.

at a certain point, when it hasn't been taken care of, one group's trash on the roof becomes that of many gatherings. it wasn't just our shit on the roof the morning after the party, but we cleaned it up regardless. the party people are willing to work together so we can become a great big family with trash cans everywhere for convenient disposal, but please don't point unwarranted fingers.

Cody said...

The crap written next to the Chabad House was not on there before the party and I noticed it first thing in the morning. Painting over it would be a good thing to do. It's just a respect thing for the people at the Chabad and the people that own and run the building are jewish.

Not talking shit. People always write stupid shit especailly when theres a party. It's just a bad place for it and bad timing. It would just suck if the roof gets shut down cus of it.

jully said...
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Anonymous said...

who will empty the trash cans when it fills up with rain water, beer and shit? no one. we are not ready for trash cans, just clean up after yourself, not a hard thing to do.

Nina said...

Leaving trash bags on the roof is the same as leaving trash cans on the roof - the former is just messier. At least having a trash can (with a lid) on the roof would be an easy way to make sure people clean up after themselves. I think it's easy enough to empty that trash can when it gets full.

As for closing the roof, I can understand people's concerns. Yet, it just doesn't make sense that the roof would be shut down because of graffiti in the hallways. People can tag the walls whether or not the roof is open and whether or not they live here - it's only a matter of getting into the building (which, we've all established, is quite easy to do). I, like Mihir, don’t know who tagged the wall by the Chabad, but I was incredibly upset when I saw it the next morning as well. It’s disrespectful and I would be glad to paint over it with those who care to help.

I can understand shutting down the roof because of people leaving a mess and having parties up there. However, I personally made sure the roof was cleaned up before I went to bed after the party. The next morning we swept up the piles of bottlecaps and cigarette that had obviously been there far before we even moved in. Those who were on the roof that night can attest to seeing a stressed-out Asian girl in a purple onesie running around, making people go downstairs because of the noise, cleaning up bottles and cans and cups. At one point, I accidentally started cleaning up some other party’s game of pong that wasn't even over – though I ended cleaning up the mess later anyway.

Needless to say, there were several different parties on the roof this past weekend and regardless of who made the mess, we cleaned it up out of consideration for the building. If the roof were to be closed, it wouldn’t be solely because of our party – everyone needs to take responsibility for the roof because we all share it.

mihir kelkar said...

to cody,

i know where you're coming from man, i'm not kicking and shoving against you or anything, just trying to point out that there were a few parties, or at least a few different groups of people up there.

and yes, the graffiti only really showed up after our party, so we'll make it a point to clean that up or paint over it.

no bad feelings,


Anonymous said...

Again I lived here for 2 years now, no one will empty the barrels covers or not. I am sure some people would be responsible enough and empty it but most people just won't. They had trash cans on the roof 2 years ago but people pissed in them and yes someone shit in one, no lie, I went upstairs the next day to find the super and his brother cleaning the roof and trying to deal with that...bottom line is clean up after yourself. Theres really no discussion about it. Its a common area, lets not lose the roof. If you want to trash where you live go buy your own house/property and have at it, but this is apartment building living and we all pay way too much in rent to deal with this shit. The landlords are not that strict and we can have alot of fun, lets not take advantage of that.