Monday, June 9, 2008

Dear Tenants of 132 N. 5th Street,

Dear Tenants of 132 N. 5th Street,
The blog moderator was nice enough to let us pass this on to the readers of this site. This is to serve as both an apology, and to hopefully clear clear some confusion from this past weekend. We live on the 2nd floor and had been planning a little get together for this past weekend. Obviously, the weather was great, and we did not expect to have the roof all to ourselves. The note shown in the previous post was ours. We occupied the far end (south side) of the roof for a good part of the night. Closer to the door, was another party, the one associated with the greater bulk of the mess. When our food was consumed, beer drank, and our guests left (all by 1:00 or 2:00), we did our best to clean up our section (collected whatever bottles were there at that point) amidst the continued partying/ hanging out that was going on in that area (a lot of which were newcomers). Sometime between 11 and noon the next morning, we went up to round up whatever bottles had accumulated or had been left in our area, collect bottle caps, dispose of any food we missed, lug the bags down, etc. So, there was a bit of mess come morning, some of which was ours, some of which wasn't, but it was handled in a relatively timely manner (probably should have set our alarms earlier, so sorry to any early wakers).

The streamers, and piles of cans and bottles, and tables covered in garbage, and whatever else was left on the north end was not our doing. Many of the people we know in the building were aware that we were going to be up there, so I'd rather not have everyone think that we were on that side of the roof. Unfortunately, living in a building with so many people, there's no way to aim all fault at a certain room or group. I'm sure aside from ours and the other gathering, there were plenty of other people that made their way up there to hang out, drink beers and further the mess. I'm not justifying leaving any mess at all. Just want to apologize for any mess that we did leave, but disassociate ourselves from what wasn't ours.

I did talk to Moses while I was up there the following morning. Aside from cleaning, I think he's equally concerned with tenants telling Landmark ahead of time that they will be holding something. Sorry for the lengthiness of this message but thanks for reading all the way through.


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