Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shooting for 6:30 ---

Tonight is probably going to be really hot again followed by severe thunders storms. That’s the prediction. Thus I am planning to go on the roof Wednesday night around 8:00 PM with industrial strength garbage bags and a six pack and finish cleaning up the roof. If anyone is interested in helping or if anyone has a better idea let me know. If more people are interested in helping on Wednesday night I will get a case of Corona – so let me know. Thanks. Doug 4G


Here for now. said...

BTW - I know it's an old photo of the water tower.

Anonymous said...

I miss the water tower.

Will try to be there by 8 to help clean.


Anonymous said...

Busy at 8, but we'll try to get a head start earlier.

Here for now. said...

Cool - Thanks
I will try to have the beer and bags available by 6:30