Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4th of July - 2008

I know there was a crazy party last year but was it or is it organized? They had kind of a doorman but I am in the dark about the machinations of that event.


Anonymous said...

No one wants you to go to their party so don't even think about hanging around the building on the 4th.


Here for now. said...

Wow - That almost feels like a threat.

In any case Mr. anonymous - That doesn't really answer my question.

Anonymous said...

it should be a good time on the roof this year, hope the weather is good, last year it rained but it started after the fireworks and everyone had to run inside. Most of the people who will be on the roof on the 4th dont live in the building, remember to lock your doors!

cody said...

I posted this once but don't know what happened to my post....

Moses always sits out front working the door. This is the one day a year the owners and management are cool with and actually come up to party with us on the roof. It's always a blast. I will be bringing my turntables up again this year but promise everyone we will shut down by 1230 or 1. Maybe earlier cus I might try and move the party up the street around 11 to keep everyone from getting upset.

It's a Friday this year too! Last year the next day I had to be to the first day of a new job by 9.

We should make the 4th the actual 132 meet and greet.

Hopefully we can all get along and have a goodtime.

Anonymous said...

last night, somebody (i'm assuming either a tenent or their guest) decided it would be fun to trash the bedford ave stairwell). they took a hockey stick to the Chabad's paintings and destroyed the verb cafe's food delivery.

As a result of this latest act of vandalism (one of many in recent months. i.e. graffiti in the halls, trash on the roof and stairwell, etc.) I will be calling the cops if too many random people (say more than 100) end up on the roof on July 4)

The Management said...

290 Marcy Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718.302.3737 Fax 718.486.2816

4th of July celebration

Dear Residents:

As the 4th of July weekend celebrations are getting closer we would like to inform you about the following regulations.

For the safety, security and for the comfortably of all of the building residents, the roof deck is only available (and only) for the tenants of the building and it would not be fair for anyone to invite relatives or friends to the roof deck. Building Management employees will be on site to at that time to help out whatever necessary.

Also every individual is responsible to clean up after themselves.

For any questions or concerns please call us in advance at 718.302.3737

Happy 4th of July weekend.
The Management

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the advance notice! Everything done in this building is always half fast, fucked up.

Anonymous said...

This is unacceptable two days before the fourth. It is generally accepted building policy that tenants are allowed to invite guests and host gatherings on the roof on any evening, especially Fridays and Saturdays. To remove this privilege two days before what is traditionally the largest and most communal of such gathering is both disrespectful and unrealistic. If it's a security and safety concern based on past fourths than there's no reason for such short notice. If it's a matter of finding security personel to represent the interests of the landlords then a few private professionals could be hired (and I'd imagine the participating tenants would chip in) to take over for Moshe and company at the door and on the roof as they can't work with very valid reason on a Friday night.

Overall, I think that right now both sides of this issue are operating on assumptions of bad faith, and that's not the way it has to be. It's certainly not the way I've seen this building operate on the last two awesome fourth Julys.

Management, angry tenants, potential partyers -- let's work out a compromise before we ruin the best day of the year.

zanimal said...

Hi. I've lived here for 3 years, moving out August 1st because I am not a hipster spoiled brat and I can't afford it anymore. Anyway, when we first moved in, the guy we were renting from told us about how epic the roof parties were, especially the 4th of july. And every year there's been a crazy party. Last year was fun, minus the DJ's top 40 music choices. My point is, the 4th of July party was always a given. I'm sure the people who live on the 4th floor hate it, and hate all the noise garbage etc, but this building basically is a frat house, so I'm not sure what you really can do. The 4th of July party is an exception party, I undertsand not wanting ragers up there every night, but I think the 4th is different. That's all. But given all this insanity, I'll probably spend my last 4th in this building at someone elses building.

And you can barely see any fireworks anyway because of all the new towers going up on the block.

-zan, 3c

p.s. I am potentially the youngest tenant in this building and it's kind of ridiculous the way everyone talks to each other / behaves. Just putting that out there.

Living on the 4th floor said...

• Yes the 4th of July is different.

• Yes I think we should have the party.

• No this building is not a frat house it's an apartment building housing adults paying a lot of rent.