Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hangin on the roof Saturday, June 28th. Cool?

Hello there peeps.
I'm Jeremy on the second floor. I'm moving to Los Angeles on Sunday (please dont make fun of me. my friends have been brutal!). I was planning on having a get together on the roof with friends and family this saturday at 6pm. At 9 we'll be heading over to Spike Hill to see my band and hang over there for the rest of the night. Just wanted to make sure i'm not stepping on any toes. You are all welcome to come up and grab a PBR and say whatup. If it rains, well. Nevermind!
Many thank you's.
PS - The internet never works.
PPS - I have lived here over a year and ALWAYS clean up after my parties.
PPPS - SOOO sad i'm missing July 4th. Last years party was Epic. But New Orleans should be cool right?


Anonymous said...

Any one find a pair of keys..????

Im kinda screwed

Anonymous said...

Found them....nevermind