Friday, June 6, 2008

The132 N 5 Roof June 6 2008


Anonymous said...

Maybe it’s different standards?
After reading this blog this morning I went up to the roof to see how clean it really is since no big party has occurred since last weekend & there had been claims of it being cleaned.
From my point of view - Simply put - it is not.
There is still a great deal of cigarette butts, bottle caps, broken chairs & garbage. I don’t know how anyone can think it is clean up there. It is not as clean as it was prior to the party when the custodial staff did their thing up there last Thursday or Friday.
Clean means:
No garbage
No Butts
No bottles
No BBQ sludge
No broken furniture -
And yes – most of the bottle caps taken care of.
I can completely understand our landlord’s frustration. The roof was literally not clean for more than a day.
I am genuinely interested if anyone really thinks the roof is clean right now- compared to what?

Mischief said...

Who wants to go clean it with me some time instead of complaining about it?

And yeah I know it might be unfair for people who didn't make the mess in the first place but if it really bothers you, sometimes you have to be the change you want to see.

Here for now. said...

I'm in!